Voices-and-Lutes Project

Voices-and-Lutes Project
Julianne Baird and Richard Stone, co-directors

Zamboni Project For this winter's lutes-and-voices program, we'll prepare eighteenth-century four-part madrigals by Giovanni Zamboni alongside settings of the same verses by earlier composers, including Monteverdi, d'India and Stradella, with varying sizes of one-on-a-part vocal ensemble, sung to the accompaniment of a lutes-and-theorbos continuo ensemble.

Poems by  Battista Guarini (Pastor fido, Madrigali 51, 33, 107, and Rime, 52) and Giambattista Marino (Madrigali 7, 99, 104, La Lira, Mad. 6)


O come se' gentile caro augellinoFrans_Pourbus_the_Younger_-_Portrait_of_Giovanni_Battista_Marino
O come se' gentile,
caro augellino! O quanto
è il mio stato amoroso al tuo simìle!
Tu prigion, io prigion; tu canti, io canto;
tu canti per colei che t'ha legato, ed io canto per lei.
Ma in questo è differente
la mia sorte dolente:
che giova pur a te l'esser canoro;
vivi cantando, ed io cantando moro.

Rime 52, Giovanni Battista Guarini

Julianne Baird


Limited enrollment. Audition deadline for singers December 1, 2018. Please send bio and mp3/mp4 sound file (or Dropbox or YouTube links) of two contrasting movements in Baroque style to: info@amherstearlymusic.org. Notification by December 15th.

More information about the Winter Weekend Workshop
January 18-21, 2019
in historic Philadelphia and Rutgers-Camden